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After about week of developing pam_conv() support to pam_bioapi it begin to work with gnome-screensaver:

Support is still in developing stage (path to UPEK messagess gui callback definition is inline inserted directly to sources so I have to write some way how to configure it before release) and also I’m expecting some patch for gnome-screensaver soon. I don’t like password text field is showed even if no password is requested by pam module. Tomorow I’ll look into sources of gnome-screensaver to see how hard it will be to write it.

It is also interesting that gnome-screensaver 2.15.3 doesn’t have correct pam_conv() support as gnome-screensaver developer wrote here. But I have to say that in 2.15.4 it works as picture above showing. Newer versions doesn’t work for me since there were some changes in dbus (again that dbus!!!) and it now say:


(gnome-screensaver:5333): gnome-screensaver-WARNING **: couldn't connect to system bus: Failed to connect to socket /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket: No such file or directory
Segmentation fault

May be I have too old version of dbus I don’t know. Anyway because file src/gs-auth-pam.c were not changed since version 2.15.4 there shouldn’t be anything new with biometrics support.

And now another thing. Today I have been riding bike around Prague quarter where I live. Almost every day I go around 30 km. I have to say, that Prague isn’t ideal place for riding bike. Today I have been a few km after Prague and I took this photo:
zakaz vezdu vsem vozidlum

For those who don’t understand traffic sign (like those officer who installed this perverse sign) this sign means no entry for any vehicle. By czech law bicycle is vehicle, thus you cannot access if you don’t pushing that bicycle. For cases like this there is sign named „no entry for motor vehicle.

And this sign isn’t alone. For example directly at center of the Prague just a few meters from Vaclavske square in Perlova street there is prohibition to turn right and just a 1 meter or so there is information that after turning right there is road for bicycles.


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