Why GUI disapear with new cvs pam_bioapi?

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It’s nice to have so quick and active users espetialy for open source developer. It remainds me I have to run linuxbiometrics.com comunity site finally.

User wrote:

I tested today the current pam-bioapi CVS. I run Ubuntu Edgy with
gnome-screensaver 2.15.6.

It works fine, although you’re right: the password field shouldn’t be
shown if no password is requested.

But I saw the following issues:
The GUI isn’t shown anymore when logging in via GDM, so I have you swipe
my finger „blindly“.
This also happens with gksudo.

I think, your new pam_conv() surpresses the GUI. Is this right?

Looking forward to test any new version.

This is my reply:

Yes, it’s true. In fact GDM and gksudo should better implement
pam_conv() mechanism or I have still in pam_bioapi some bug. I’m
planning add possibility to configure by pam parameters if pam_conv()
will be used or not. Problem is that every pam enabled application is
forced to supply pam_conv() function for pam module (but some
application just define pam_conf() which don’t do anything) so I’m not
able to test myself from pam_bioapi if use pam_conv() or standard GUI.

Tomorrow I’ll commit new version to cvs. Stay tuned.


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