Some errors in cvs version of pam_bioapi

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Yesterday send me that user another report about cvs version of my code in pam_bioapi:

Two things I just saw:
1. test_verify-pam_bioapi gives an error.

If you mean:
==> called pam_acct_mgmt()
got: `Authentication service cannot retrieve authentication info.‘
test_verify-pam_bioapi: invalid request

It is error always showed (from beginning of pam_bioapi). This
function checks for other things. Such things might be: the time of
day or the date, the terminal line, remote hostname, etc. Since
pam_bioapi don’t implement this function I think you have set pam_unix
(or other password module) as main account module. So in my point of
view this error is returned by pam_unix and not by pam_bioapi.

2. test_enroll-pam_bioapi segfaults.

This was due to development of payload in pam_bioapi. I had commented
some of this code, but forget some other so this should be reason.



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