Another useful bug report from my favorite user and my reply:

When logging in via gdm, the messages are missing. I’m also using the upek_touchchip.cmsg form pam-bsdbioapi.

Interesting – I have messages in gdm. Yes, it’s not so much comfortable
as with gnome-screensaver (in gdm messages are written as on console –
one after another). Even I don’t need to enter username. Only swipe
finger. Which version of gdm are you using? I have installed GDM
2.14.9. Also please check /etc/pam.d/gdm configuration. I have there
this line:

auth sufficient
{5550454b-2054-464d-2f45-535320425350} /etc/bioapi/pam/bioshadow.db -d :0

If you add -g, UPEK’s driver should use it’s own gui (as with 0.3.0 version).

And another thing: I have a Ubuntu Edgy install in a vmware. If I don’t enable the fingerprint usb device, I get a nice thing after entering my username:

That’s definitely bug. I don’t know yet if it is bug in pam_bioapi or
in UPEK’s BSP. I’ll look at it.

And it’s also confusing that the debug messages are shown in the console and not in /var/log/auth.log.

Try to do this:

# touch /tmp/pam-debug.log
# chmod 666 /tmp/pam-debug.log

I'm going to rewite this to allow specify user debug argument and then
log to auth.log as before. But firs I have to finish "only root can
read bioshadow.db" support first. This mean lot of changes.



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