Google wave at the edge

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Seems Google Wave is about to disappear from digital world. Yes, I know current Google announcement doesn’t mean that your won’t be able use Wave any more, but pull the support for such a new and innovative product is almost like a death kiss.

The only hope for Wave is that some open source project bring the lead and will continue work on Wave. May be even find better use that just online chat which is substituted by other services better. What Wave really need is some killer feature. Something any other IM/Mail/Forum cannot offer. It should be originally combination of IM/Mail/Forum functions in one product, but it seems that it is not enough for wider adoption.

It is pity. I really liked wave attitude and innovative feel. I can see many use in corporate use, but you would need some easily deployable solution into company infrastructure. Many large companies don’t want (or cannot) host its services outside its private network. Yes, it is contra current cloud trend, but until the privacy issues will be solved, there is not way for Wave to be used there without stated condition.

R.I.P. Wave



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